Collaborative Mapping
and Diagramming

Create robust maps and diagrams
that elevate knowledge and align
everyone on the vision. Ideal for
diagramming complex systems,
processes, and customer journeys.
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Map the
customer journey

Map the customer journey
Increase cross-functional alignment with
collaborative customer journey mapping.
Break down silos and enable distributed teams
to build, iterate, and adopt strategies faster
than before.
Map the customer journey

Visually explain anything

Map processes, systems, user flows, site maps,
and more. Build from scratch on an easy-to-use,
infinite canvas, or leverage over 50 templates
to get a head start.
Mind Map
Journey Map
Concept Map
Mind Map
Journey Map
Concept Map
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Build living

Build living documentation
Eliminate confusion managing multiple versions
with an always up-to-date, single source of truth.
Centralize feedback and keep everyone on the same
page with documentation that evolves with you.
Build living documentation

Present and distribute visual
maps and diagrams

Build beautiful presentations with a few clicks to present live
or export as a vector image. Embed boards as visual
documentation in Confluence, Jira, and more.
Present and distribute visual maps and diagrams

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Process &
Systems Mapping

Process & Systems Mapping
Align customer-facing and internal teams
on the vision for customer experience.
Surface key customer and user data to improve
the customer experience.
Communicate complex architectures and identify
areas of improvement faster.
Process & Systems Mapping
“One of the benefits of using Miro, even as
an individual, is being able to put everything
on the same page”.
lauren Murray, Product Manager, SkyScanner

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