What’s New: What we launched in May 2024

This month we’re thrilled to share several powerful updates that will amplify your planning, collaboration, and user experience.

An enhanced Planner app, smarter Azure DevOps integration, and AI-powered alt text suggestions: These updates and more were designed to streamline your workflow and boost productivity. Not to mention we have three accessibility updates to improve how assistive technology works with Miro, helping to ensure everyone can experience the Miro magic.

Dive in to explore how these updates can transform your team’s efficiency and creativity.

Product and service innovation

Add assignees to your columns and swimlanes in Planner

Since the launch of the Planner app last year, we’ve been working hard to add more fields and features to make it more horizontal and support more use cases. The latest addition is an assignee field for columns and swimlanes in Planner for Jira — to help support your sprint planning and stand-up needs. 

Estimate more easily with story points on Azure cards

As part of our work to level up the Azure DevOps integration and support Agile practices, we’ve added a story points field to Azure cards in Miro. Now you can select a card and open the story points field directly in Azure DevOps. After editing the field you’ll see the Azure card updated in Miro to reflect the latest estimation.

Diagramming and process design

Introducing Miro’s organizational chart widget

If you’re an enterprise organization, you need an efficient way to visualize and scale your human resources to align with the current state of the business, while looking ahead to future needs. With the new org chart widget, you can simplify organizational chart creation, easily share it, and collaborate in real time. Plus, import data from .CSV files and use auto-layout to arrange your cards fast. And whenever your org changes (which can be often in a dynamic company), rearranging cards is just as fast.

New pre-made diagramming templates to save you time

Speaking of org charts, Miro has just released dozens of new diagramming templates, with more on the way. Check out these new org chart templates to help you document and clarify the dynamic nature of a changing organization. We also recently released a bunch of new UML diagram templates to help your teams map out the structure, behavior, and interactions of complex software systems. 

Canvas and collaboration

Invite visitors to collaborate on Miro mobile app

Now your Miro board visitors — users who haven’t registered with Miro — can join your public Miro board using the Miro mobile app, for on-the-spot collaboration. The tailored mobile-first experience and core sync collaboration features mean all your collaborators can participate and contribute from anywhere.

An inclusive and flexible platform

Miro Assist helps teams become more accessible

Miro Assist, your AI partner for innovation, just got smarter. When adding images to boards, Miro Assist provides suggestions for alt text, making the process easier and more efficient. Not only that, but with the right alt text your boards will be more accessible, too.

Accessibility enhancements for a more inclusive experience 

Lots of exciting updates around assistive technology mean Miro is even more accessible to all users. First, we’ve introduced a board overview or table of contents that can be explored using built-in screen reader commands for navigating headers and buttons. Second, most features can now be accessed using voice control.

And last but certainly not least, users can navigate through diagrams using just their keyboard and assistive technology.

Send objects forward or backward incrementally

Users with editing rights can now move objects on a canvas one layer forward or backward at a time, making it easier to organize boards with multiple layers of content. Arranging objects on Miro has never been easier.

Your next project made easier with AI-ready templates

Miroverse is a gallery of templates made by and for the Miro user community — browse the latest ready-made frameworks added daily. This month we’ve hand-picked three templates that integrate AI to automate and accelerate your work:

  • Mode Team’s Miro AI Storytelling Game is an interactive way to learn how to use Miro Assist to generate sticky notes on a given topic that simplify your routine work.
  • Martin Gleitsmann’s AI-Enhanced Empathy Map is designed to help you save time, eliminate bias, and gain more depth in the outcome of your next empathy map.
Three screenshots overlapping, showing all three of the featured Miroverse templates

Stay tuned for June

We hope these updates help your workflows go more smoothly, your collaboration more inclusive, and your delivery more efficient. Whether you’re organizing sprints, visualizing your company’s structure, or working on the go, these features are designed to get you to the next big thing.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to innovate and improve the Miro experience.

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