What’s New: What we launched in February 2024

This month we’re excited to announce a variety of releases that will accelerate your work in Miro. Say goodbye to manually styling your content — to complement last month’s Brand Center release, you can apply brand styles to diagramming shapes, too. If you’re a fan of Talktrack, be sure to check out new Talktrack reactions, which let viewers provide instant feedback to a recording with emojis. Plus, we’re thrilled to share a powerful update to Miro Assist, your AI partner for innovation. Miro Assist is now also your writing assistant, elevating your words for clarity and tone. Find out about these and more in this monthly update. We’ll demo these features (and others) at our upcoming quarterly What’s New webinar. Join us on March 13 or 14 (depending on where you’re based) to hear directly from our Product Marketing team. 

Workshops & async collaboration

Rapidly replace images and icons

Tired of reformatting your images again and again whenever you decide to replace them? With Miro’s consolidated images and icons media library, it’s easy to replace images right from within Miro, while preserving any cropping and formatting you’ve already applied. By pulling from Unsplash and Iconfinder, you can access thousands of free, high-quality images and icons. Create illustrative, engaging projects and presentations fast.

Ready-made presentation and slide templates

Creating presentations that are both impactful and visually appealing can be challenging. But with a variety of new, customizable presentation and slide templates, you can save time and guarantee that your presentations are engaging, professional, and polished — every time.

Restore your style in one click

Ever change your mind after applying a style to your board? Now you can quickly and easily undo any unwanted changes and restore your board’s original style. Simply click the reset button in the styles panel

Elevate hybrid workshops with QR codes

With Miro QR Stickies, you can generate a QR code for your board, allowing meeting participants to scan the code with their mobile device and add anonymous sticky notes. Turn your meetings and workshops into dynamic, colorful collaborations.

Complete the async collaboration loop with Talktrack reactions  

Talktrack viewers can now provide instant feedback at specific points in a recording by using emojis. In the playback toolbar, simply click on an emoji to react directly on the recording timeline and provide async feedback to the recorder. This way, important moments are highlighted for a collaborative viewing experience.

Diagramming & process mapping 

Optimize your AWS cloud architecture costs

The Miro AWS cost calculator allows you to estimate AWS service price points, plan your AWS spend, and find cost-saving opportunities. Check out how Miro brings advanced collaboration solutions to AWS customers around the world.

Apply brand styles to diagramming shapes

We recently launched Brand Center and Styles to help you create professional-looking boards with your brand colors and fonts. Now you can ensure your Basic and Flowchart diagrams are on-brand and consistent, too. Simply apply your brand styles diagramming shape packs by selecting them from the styles panel

Artificial intelligence

Miro Assist is now also your writing assistant

You may already know that Miro Assist can do things like generate images, summarize content,  and extract insights. But what if you’re looking for ways to elevate your writing skills? We’ve got you covered. Now you can translate your text, have it rewrite your work for clarity, or adjust your tone of voice. 

Templates for building a strong hypothesis 

Explore new templates to jump-start your next project with proven workflows from the Miro community. This month, we’ve curated a selection of frameworks to help you create and test effective hypotheses for more informed, strategic decision-making.

  • Erwan Derlyn’s A/B Test Hypothesis Template is a systematic framework for formulating business hypotheses based on the methodology in Craig Sullivan’s Hypothesis Kit.
  • Appolica’s Problem Hypothesis Generation helps founders and innovation teams to identify, articulate, and validate the core problems their products or services aim to solve.
  • projectdesigntoolkit_DRC’s How Might We (HMW?) Template helps project designers and planners reframe problems and turn challenges into opportunities.

Stay tuned in March

That’s a wrap. Be sure to check out our other updates if you missed them. But even more exciting? Our What’s New webinar is back! Join us on March 13 or 14 (depending on where you’re based) for our quarterly What’s New webinar. Hear directly from our Product Marketing team as they dive into new updates, feature glow-ups, and conduct live demos. You’ll also have a chance to ask top-of-mind questions at a live Q&A at the end.

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