What’s New: What we launched in November 2023

It’s already almost December and we’re excited to end the year with a bang by sharing one of our most impressive updates yet: Miro Assist! This is Miro’s AI-powered innovation partner that can elevate your innovation game. We also have product development and Miroverse improvements to share, and a hint of what to expect next month when we do something extra special to close out the year. Read on for all the details.

Artificial intelligence at Miro

Introducing Miro Assist, your innovation partner

Say hello to Miro Assist (beta), the AI partner you’ve been waiting for to supercharge your innovation game. Now you can instantly expand your thinking thanks to AI-generated ideas and set actionable next steps. You can even easily extract valuable (and unbiased!) insights from unstructured data, and then transform them into stunning presentations, mind maps, and more. This is an exciting update, which we hope will save you hours on your work.

Product development workflows

Streamlined quarterly planning with Azure DevOps integration

Previously we released an integration with Jira to help teams complete the end-to-end product development lifecycle in Miro. Now Miro also supports two-way integration with Azure DevOps. This means you can use Miro’s Planner app with DevOps to work more efficiently, breaking down silos and accelerating project delivery. Planner allows you to create detailed visualizations of your roadmap by pulling directly from Azure DevOps. 

Whether you’re working with a co-located or remote team, Miro’s collaborative environment ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Ready-made templates for deeper insights and customer understanding

This month we’ve curated a selection of new templates that can help you create better experiences for your customers. Whether you are just starting out or looking for ways to accelerate delivery, these templates can provide valuable insights and guidance:

  • Becky Pierson’s Community Journey Map can help you visually represent the emotional journey of your community members. 
  • GTM Strategist’s GTM Value Prop Canvas puts your ICP at the center of your canvas, even if your product is not fully developed or subject to change. 
  • Carlos Hidalgo’s User Story Mapping Examples provide a clear structure for the user story mapping process through practical examples.

Have you published a template in Miroverse yet? All you need is an idea to get started.

Stay tuned for December

That’s just a taste of what we’ve been working on to help you build the next big thing. Don’t forget to share your ideas on the Miro Wish List on how we can continue to make your Miro experience even better. Plus, stay tuned in a couple weeks for a special end-of-year surprise to see all the ways we’ve listened and learned in 2023.

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