What’s New: What we launched in July 2023

In July we released a host of updates to help you and your teams innovate from one visual workspace. This includes new product development features, dashboard user interface improvements, and a new way to connect Miro across your Google Workspace.

We’ve also made a number of enhancements to accessibility such as the ability to add alt text to images and color contrast enhancements for improved visibility.

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Product development workflows for faster time-to-market

Enjoy greater flexibility and control in your PI planning

Now, product development teams can take advantage of increased flexibility and control with alternative fields as columns on a Program board. This includes status, fix version, component, and priority. In addition, we’ve updated the Dependencies app so you can visualize dependencies linked to a specific Jira card, reducing the mess created by overlapping dependencies.

Apps & integrations to unite your work

Boost collaboration with Miro smart chip for Google Docs    

Add Miro to your Google Docs. With smart chips, you can grab a Miro link and embed the board right into your doc, making it easy to collaborate in Miro without leaving your document. This means you can view details, request access, and save time when working across Miro and Google Workspace tools. Add Miro to Google Workspace today.

Reimagine video in Miro with all-in-one Video Clipper app

Imagine that after weeks of recording video you have an app that can upload, transcribe, and instantly create clips of the videos in one place — with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to hours wasted editing videos or searching for the moments you’re looking for. A must-have for user interviews, recorded meetings, and video-inclusive brainstorming, now you can gain insights from videos without leaving Miro, with the Video Clipper app

A Miroverse community highlighting the best of the best

Ready-made templates help support innovation 

In the past month, our talented Miro users created over 100 new Miroverse templates to help you move toward a more connected, productive, and collaborative way of working. Explore the proven workflows, projects, and frameworks of the Miro community, or be inspired to share your own!

  • Use the 20-10-10 Exercise from maad labs to take inventory of what you’re motivated by and have an easier time saying “No.”
  • The Meeting Culture ReDesign template from Voltage Control helps you take an intentional look at your meeting culture and how you might redesign it.
  • With 3 Effective Speech Structures from Gregory Balon at BEsmart, you can leverage three different frameworks to help you find the right structure for your next public speaking engagement. 

Showcase your accomplishments with Miro Academy badges in Miroverse

Let your accomplishments take center stage on your Miroverse profile. From creative collaboration techniques to advanced mapping and diagramming, you’ll now earn a Miro Verified badge for select Miro Academy courses. This way, others in the Miroverse can recognize your skills, expertise, and dedication to continuous learning. 

Accessibility updates support inclusivity 

Enjoy an enhanced screen reader experience in Miro

  • Toolbars and objects: Thanks to our recent keyboard navigation update, toolbars and board objects — frames, sticky notes, text, emojis, tables, images, lines and curves, stickers, and documents — are more perceivable and operable for users of assistive technology such as screen readers. Plus, we’re continuously working on integrating more objects.
  • Alt text for images: We’ve also made it possible to add alt text, unlocking image descriptions for screen readers and enabling users with limited sight to collaborate with images on a board.

Color design improvements for better visibility 

  • Color pickers with text description: Color pickers now provide a text description of the chosen color, conveying color information to color-blind users and those with low or no vision. Miro standard colors include their color labels while custom colors include the hex color values.
  • Improved color and sticky note palettes: Both the color and sticky note palette borders have improved color contrast, making it easier for all users to distinguish colors and elements on a Miro board.
  • Custom board background colors: Based on popular demand, we’ve made it possible to change the background color of your Miro boards! Tailor your boards to your preferences, or design a dark board to reduce eye strain and enhance readability.

User interface enhancements to your dashboard 

Easily discover your recent boards 

Now you can quickly revisit the Miro boards you’re working on. Simply open the Search bar at the top of your dashboard and you’ll see up to 25 of your recently opened Miro boards. 

Find your Trash bin more easily

Get quick and direct access to your discarded boards. You can now find the trash menu in the top-left menu, alongside Recent and Starred, allowing you to effortlessly restore or permanently delete your boards as desired.

And there’s more…

These updates are just a fraction of what we’ve been working on to help make Miro the best tool for building great things. Be sure to check out our other updates if you missed them, or share your ideas on the Wish List if you have an idea to make Miro even better!

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