3 Effective Speech Structures


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We totally get that nailing down a solid structure is key when preparing a speech. It's like a roadmap that guides both the speaker and the audience on a smooth journey of information absorption.

But hey, we also know it can be a bit tricky to come up with the perfect structure sometimes. That's why we've got you covered with this handy template! We've gathered three effective and widely used types of structures: pyramidal, linear, and contrasting. You get to pick the one that suits your speech best!

How to use this template

- open up the template (duh) - check out the options - choose one that suits your purpose best

- fill in the blocks with your awesome content - rehears your speech! We've even included some examples at the bottom to make it easier for you (and because Miroverse rules told us so).

Wishing you the best of luck! Go rock that speech!


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