A/B Test Hypothesis


This template offers a systematic framework for formulating business hypotheses, based on the methodology outlined by Craig Sullivan in his article Hypothesis Kit V4.

This template provides a simple but effective way for startup teams, marketers and product managers to articulate their hypotheses for experiments, prototypes, MVPs or feature changes.

It provides a structured record of the hypothesis, the rationale behind it, and the test to be conducted. This documentation helps to track progress, understand the impact of changes, and inform future hypotheses.

To use the template, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Start with the 'Theory' block by recording the observation or insight that forms the basis of your hypothesis. Specify the proposed change and identify the group that will experience it. Predict the expected effect of this change.

  2. Proceed to the 'Validation' block, where you will establish the metrics or feedback that will confirm or refute your hypothesis.

  3. Conclude with the 'Outcome' section, considering the long-term effects that your hypothesis may have on customers, partners, and the business.


  • Review the hypothetical example for inspiration.

  • Lean on a mix of data sources — both qualitative and quantitative — to build a robust hypothesis.

  • Involve cross-functional team members in the hypothesis creation process to gain diverse insights and foster buy-in.

  • Set clear, measurable outcomes for effective validation of your hypothesis.

  • Document the hypothesis testing process for tracking and learning.


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