What’s New: What we launched in January 2024

Happy new year from everyone at Miro. You may have seen our special end-of-year look back at everything we released in 2023. This time we’re sharing a variety of game-changing updates to help revolutionize your async collaboration experience. Talktrack shortcuts directly on your board. Brand Center to help you standardize your presentations with polished visuals. Several updates to the Miro + Azure DevOps integration including bidirectional syncing via polling. Find out about these things and more in this monthly update. 

Product development workflows

More flexibility in Planner for Jira

Craving more freedom and flexibility in Planner for Jira? Now you can choose epics as columns or rows, use quick filters, and even decide which rows are visible through a simple dropdown. Plus, Planner will reflect the same rank as in Jira itself. 

Azure DevOps cards just got better

Remember: you can also leverage integrated quarterly planning with Azure DevOps. And now you can save time by bulk converting stickies or Miro cards to Azure DevOps cards with the click of a button. 

We’ve also improved bi-directional syncing by adding polling to Azure cards, which means whenever you open your board, all the cards will be automatically synced to ensure you see real-time data.

Workshops & async collaboration

Ensure a cohesive visual identity with Brand Center

Speaking of presentations, now you can use Brand Center to easily ensure that all of your work has a consistent look and feel that aligns perfectly with your brand identity. Apply your brand colors and fonts to professional presentations or project plans, use automatic styling to update colors in one click, and more.

Opt for one-click color styling

You can also use styles to update your boards with a cohesive color palette, so you’re prepped for any presentation or workshop in seconds. This is particularly helpful when working with multiple templates or content from different sources. Use styles to find the right color combinations and apply them in one click. Select your style from a collection of presets, or add your own with Brand Center

Play Talktrack recordings directly from the canvas 

Now when you record a new Talktrack, a shortcut is automatically generated so you can place it directly on the canvas, wherever you want. 

Prepare private notes for your interactive presentations 

No more keeping your presentation notes in a separate doc — or worse: coming unprepared! Now you can add private presenter notes to your presentation slides, which can be accessed in a separate presenter’s window to ensure your cues and reminders are readily available as you speak.

New sticker pack to help you tackle tasks fast

If you’d rather illustrate your board with stickers instead of images, don’t forget about our stickers and emojis. With the new Task Tacklers sticker pack, you can keep your board cool and organized with essential sticker labels and statuses you rely on. 

User interface enhancements

New language: Brazilian Portuguese

The collaboration experience depends on making Miro accessible to everyone, which is why we’re adding support for new languages as often as we are able. The latest is Brazilian Portuguese. To change your language in Miro, simply go to your profile settings. 

New tabs in the Sharing dialog  

The Share dialog now includes two new tabs. The Embed tab makes it easier to get a link so you can embed your board on other web pages, while the Publish tab makes it easier to publish a board as a template for your team or in the Miroverse. 

Advanced dashboard search capabilities 

Now users on all paid plans can search by board title, description, or any text across stickies, widgets, or comments. Almost any text is searchable not only within your team, but also across teams if you have multiple set up. 

Ready-made templates for faster co-creation and ideation

Discover the power of the latest templates from the Miro community — published daily. In case you’re wondering where to start, here are three expertly designed templates that can help product professionals define and execute a comprehensive product strategy from start to finish.

Exchange insights on templates with feedback and comments

If you’d like to share your thoughts, Miroverse users can now share feedback and add public comments on each other’s templates. You can thank the template creators who power your work, and review feedback on templates you’ve contributed to make your own templates even better. With each other’s input, you can have a connected and collaborative community of learning and improvement.

A scalable & flexible platform 

Copy and paste content in Miro mobile app

Collaboration also relies on staying connected while on the go. The good news is Miro mobile app users are one step closer to experiencing parity across devices. Now, you can copy and paste content within a board, or from one board to another while using a mobile device. This includes widgets, tables, and images, limited to the current capabilities of Miro on the web. 

Mobile app available in all supported languages

Speaking of the mobile app, it’s now available in all languages supported by Miro. This means  you can use Miro on your phone in Japanese, German, Spanish, French, and Brazilian Portuguese. All of this results in a more inclusive and multilingual collaboration experience.

Stay tuned in February

These updates are just a fraction of what we’ve been working on to help make Miro the best tool for building the next big thing. Be sure to check out our other updates if you missed them, or share your ideas on the Wish List if you have an idea to make Miro even better.

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