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Introducing product improvements for screen reader users

Accessibility Accessibility

We are working on making Miro more accessible, and released the first significant bundle of product improvements for screen reader users. 

Screen reader users don’t need to take any additional steps to activate the accessibility functionality – when you open a Miro board with your screen reader, you will hear a prompt to activate screen reader mode.

Now screen reader users can be invited to Miro boards. Sign up & sign in are screen-reader friendly, it is possible to navigate through the Miro dashboard to open the required board, and the main types of board content such as frames, sticky notes, and shapes can now be perceived with the help of the screen reader. 

Please, note, that the flow described above works the best for:

  • Users invited to the existing team on the Enterprise Plan

  • Users on Team, Business, Consultant, Education or Enterprise Plan that are invited directly to the board as anonymous Guest Editors 

All of the flows described above are currently only available on the desktop. 

The current solution is read-only making it possible for users to access existing board content with the help of the screen reader, and does not allow creating or editing content on Miro boards yet. 

We will continue working on making Miro more accessible, and are planning to support other possible setups in the future. 

Visit the

to learn more.

Sign-in and sign-up flows and dashboard are now more usable with screen reader, and more

We have been focused on making Miro more accessible since the beginning of 2021. Today we are excited to share the first updates as we release the beta version of the following accessibility features:

  • Sign-in and sign-up flows now better support keyboard navigation

  • We unlocked basic dashboard navigation for screen-reader users: you can choose a project for your team and pick a board using your keyboard

  • The color contrast of the UI elements on the board is WCAG2.1 AA compliant

All of the improvements described above are currently being tested with Miro users and leading UX & accessibility consultants, and our team will continue enhancing the existing functionality as well as adding new features to make our product even more accessible.

If you are interested in participating in the user testing phase of accessibility features, please, email us at accessibility@miro.com