Two ways to create collaborative org charts fast in Miro

If your organization uses Miro, you might already know that it’s a user-friendly, intuitive workspace where you and your colleagues can collaborate, brainstorm, manage projects, give presentations, and more. But did you know you can also use Miro to build org charts? In this post, we’ll share several ready-made org chart templates that will save your organization time as you plan for the future.

What are org charts?

An org chart, short for organizational chart, is a diagram that shows the structure of a company or organization. It lays out people’s different roles and positions and how they’re connected to each other. Org charts clarify who reports to whom and how the hierarchy works.

But visualizing hierarchies is a cumbersome, time-consuming task, and often results in charts that fail to accurately represent the dynamic nature of changing organizations. That’s why you need a tool to help you create org charts efficiently. Even better if you could work with your team to build org charts together.

That’s why Miro’s collaborative visual workspace is the perfect canvas. 

Build an org chart with the new widget

There are two ways to build org charts fast in Miro. You can either use a template or start from scratch using Miro’s new org chart widget. With the new, native widget built in Miro, you can create org charts in no time, no installation required. Simply search for the org chart widget within Miro by clicking the More apps (+) button on the creation toolbar on the left. Immediately a starting point for your org chart is added to your Miro board, with a few boxes — or user cards — pre-populated. 

With the org chart widget, you can:

  • Import data from CSV files to populate your org chart. 
  • Easily update your org chart by uploading new CSV data whenever necessary.
  • Customize your org chart using a single, versatile card that allows users to toggle fields on or off and set open roles.
  • Change the look of your chart with customizable formatting options like colored branches, background colors, and filters to fit your needs.
  • Use auto-layout to streamline card arrangement for efficient org chart creation.  

Try ready-made templates

On the other hand, with a template, you can bring an existing diagram into Miro with just a few clicks. From there, you can collaborate with your team to customize the diagram, reviewing everything together in one workspace. 

If you’re working from a Miro board, you can choose the template you want via the template picker. Or you can browse different kinds of organizational planning templates in the template library or via the user-generated template gallery, Miroverse. Miroverse has thousands of templates built by Miro users, including hundreds dedicated to organizational planning. 

Whatever method you choose in Miro, your team can rapidly create an org chart that makes sense for your company and goals. Plus, since Miro boards update in real-time, your org chart becomes living documentation where HR and other stakeholders can brainstorm designs together, leave feedback, and always find the latest version. 

Miro org chart templates 

Miro offers a variety of templates for your organizational planning needs. We’ve compiled examples of a few different templates to help your organization design org charts faster than ever.

Organizational Chart template

What does the organizational hierarchy look like? Who makes up the team? Who does each person report to? An org chart answers these questions at a glance. Super helpful for onboarding employees, this kind of diagram plots out the company’s chain of command so everyone can see how their role — and others — fits into the broader picture.

With this Organizational Chart template, you can choose your chart structure and easily plot the connections between employees, roles, and departments.

Organizational Chart (click on image to use template in Miro)

The Company Organizational Chart template is similar but can be used to represent the structure of other departments or corporate functions inside the business, while the Business Organizational Chart template can be used to quickly depict the different divisions within a business.

Try any of these org charts to quickly create your diagram, and then change sizes, shapes, and colors to tailor it to your liking. 

Flat Org Chart template

If your organization lacks hierarchy or levels, a flat org chart might be the best option for you. It’s also useful if you want to depict horizontal relationships rather than vertical chains of command. 

One benefit to this kind of chart is it highlights team configurations, making it easier for all team members to see their roles in the larger context. This clarity and transparency fosters a more inclusive and collaborative environment.

Use the Flat Org Chart template to get started fast.

Flat Org Chart (click on image to use template in Miro)

Matrix Org Chart template

A matrix org chart is unique in that it illustrates organizational structures that are both functional and project-based. It visualizes employees’ roles, responsibilities, and relationships within the organization. It’s an essential diagram for businesses that require complex decision-making capabilities and rapid response times.

Use the Matrix Org Chart template to improve alignment and performance faster than ever.

Matrix Org Chart (click on image to use template in Miro)

Partnership Org Chart template

What about illustrating how business partners work together? A partnership org chart can help you understand the different players in an organization and how they relate to each other, providing clarity in a complex business landscape. By simplifying and streamlining the various relationships, you’ll get a better view of the entire ecosystem and help ensure all stakeholders are aligned.

With Miro’s interactive Partnership Org Chart template, you don’t have to start from scratch. Simply add the template to your Miro board and customize it to fit your needs. 

Partnership Org Chart (Click on image to use template in Miro)

Project Organizational Chart template

A project organizational chart is used to visualize all the people supporting a specific project. It can serve as a reference for anyone wanting to see who’s involved, what their role is on the project, and the hierarchy of the participants. It’s useful for clarifying everyone’s responsibilities and setting expectations.

Use the Project Organizational Chart template to illustrate the structure of your next project’s team.

Project Organizational Chart (click on image to use template in Miro)

Build an org chart in Miro today

As you can see, no matter the size your organization is or how it’s structured, there’s an org chart template for you. Plus, the new org chart creator means you can start from scratch and spin up an org chart in no time.

Your business might be complex, but creating your org chart doesn’t have to be. 

Ready to create your own org chart?

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