Miro AI Storytelling Game


What is the template about

This template allows you to get acquainted with the key component of Miro AI — the function of generating sticky notes on a given topic — in a simple game form. The template was invented in our own Møde AI Laboratory when creating effective promts for changing the style of text of any size and any subject. Today, these prompts, like many others, significantly simplify our daily routine work in the field of designing strategic online sessions, as well as building complex strategic concepts (the character of the brand, its essence and value proposition). This allows us to view neural networks as a useful tool that must be mastered to work effectively, rather than as a competitor to human skills and talents.

Along with the main task of generating new text units, this template contains a subtask of presenting the results to colleagues, that contributes to the development of oratory and presentation skills of participants.

When to use it

This template can be used:

  • as a full-scale warm-up at the beginning of a strategic or creative session — in this capacity it will allow participants to learn more about the options of Miro AI already available on the board and use them when performing main tasks

  • as an internal corporate icebreaker, opening or, conversely, closing the week — in this capacity it will allow colleagues to be natively immersed in Miro-updates in order to use them in the creation and design of digital experiences

  • as an independent interactive game — in this capacity it will allow you to relax, share positive emotions with your friends or colleagues, build productive interpersonal interaction and open atmosphere for collaboration and team building.

Why to use our template

In addition to its main function as an icebreaker, this template contains useful reference materials on the use of Miro AI in terms of generating stickies on a given topic, as well as the usе of Private Mode in Miro. These topics are thoroughly covered and discussed on our own social media channel (Møde channel) with the help of screenshots, concise posts and step-by-step instructions. Some of these screenshots (for instance, illustrative screenshots of relevant menu sections for enabling/disabling Miro's advanced features) have been specially integrated into the board and can be used separately from the template itself, in any of your ongoing workshops or meetings.

Moreover, this template uses engaging competitive mechanics useful for creating an interactive, engaging atmosphere (such as awarding points to those who guessed the fairy tale correctly, etc.).

How to use this template

Before the workshop starts:

  • place photos of participants on stickies in the guessing areas under personal frames (if there are no photos, you can use tags on stickies with the names of the participants)

  • make sure each participant has access to the Miro AI (ask them to check miro.com/ai to get beta access).

  • increase or decrease the number of personal frames based on the number of participants (to increase the number of frames, you can use spare frames from the Additional Personal Frames zone)

During the workshop:

1.1) Ask each participant to choose a personal frame of his/her favorite design and write his/her name on the rectangular sticky note in it.

1.2) Ask the participants to rewrite and retell a famous fairy tale in the style of a particular writer using Miro’s options for generating stickies, so that it is not so easy for their colleagues to guess both the source text and the style used.

Tip 1: For inspiration, participants can look at the possible prompt given in the template.

Tip 2: To use Miro AI, participants can refer to the detailed methodological instructions to the left of the template.

After the system generates text on stickies, participants should transfer these stickies to their personal frames and remove the “Still Working” sticky from their Status Check areas so that facilitator can see that all participants have completed the task.

1.3) After all the stories are ready, ask the participants to present their new interpretations of the famous fairy tales to their colleagues.

2.1) Enable Private Mode (more information on how to do this can be found in the detailed methodological instructions to the right of the template)

2.2) Ask the participants to guess the fairy tales that their colleagues initially chose, as well as the style in which they were rewritten by AI. Participants must record their guesses on individual square stickies under the corresponding personal area of the participant whose fairy tale is being considered.

Tip: The process of generating guesses can be started either after all the presentations of the participants, or after each of them. The second option allows the participants to record versions directly after each story, following fresh tracks.

2.3) After each tale has been analysed by all participants, turn off Private Mode (more information on how to do this can be found in the detailed methodological instructions to the right of the template).

2.4) Ask each participant to give the correct answer — to say the name of the original tale and the style in which it was reinterpreted. At the same time, transfer golden points to the frames of those participants whose versions were as close as possible to the correct answer.

Tip 1: You decide how many points to award in a particular situation. For example, you can award one point for guessing a fairy tale and one point for guessing a style, i.e. you can assign a maximum of two points for the most accurate answer.

Tip 2: You can come up with a special gift for the winner who gets the most points (for example, offer him a coffee call with a dear team member or a small gift)


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