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The World has ben taken over by spies, they are everywhere and only a great team can with amazing communication to find the spy and save the world. Of course if the spy is wise and sneaky enough, they'll win... find out more and play this team building communication game together with your team!


How to break the zoom routine and spent a fun time with your teams testing communication skills and instinct? Spy Hunt is a fun and quick game the can be played in multiple teams or only in one with an easy layout and fun features to keep the team talking and engaged. Team Canvas works across multiple touch points:

  • Having fun together

  • Test the team communication skills

  • Have a break with multiple teams in a fun and engaging way

How does The Spy Hunt work?

You’ll be guided through how to use the board:

  • Set up: There are 6 team frames, each has a unique location.

  • Use of the frames: Each team (with max of 6 people) choose a frame and then choose a card and write their name underneath, after they flip the card to discover the role and location (if applicable), then a 5 or more minute discussion start to find out information without revealing the roles and location because there is a spy among us!

  • Common Goals: Each player has a unique role and the goals is to find out the Spy and the Spy has to find out the Location and stay undetected to win.

  • Personal Goals: Win of course. As a team if you’re not the spy and the spy wins gathering information about the location.

  • Values: Communication and team work

  • Expectations: To have a fun time together and engage teams in a social game all about communication

  • Rules & Activities: Do not reveal your role and location and gather as much information as possible to win

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