Faces in Magical Places


What is it?

Magical fun to get participants playing with Miro tools whilst expressing themselves. It's a great ice breaker and check-in activity, helping participants get to know each other. 

When to use it?

As a pre workshop warm up, this is a great way to get people playing and practising with Miro, and its tools. It can also be used during sessions to see how your team is feeling and for them to get to know each other. It's very flexible!  

How it works

The Faces in Magical Places activity is simple, fun and engaging!

First, ask participants a question - we have question suggestions you can use or ask your own. Get creative!

Next, invite everyone to use the templates provided to imagine themselves in a magical place. They place a body in a setting, add a profile pic to the body then write their name on a sticky note. Now everyone knows who's who! Encourage people to use the drawing tool to personalise their character.

One by one, invite each person to tell the group why they chose that magical place in response to the opening question.

Follow our Facilitation Guide, also on the Miro board.


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