Hidden Truths: Marvel, Vanish, Reveal


What is it?

This is a powerful activity to build awareness and a shared understanding within a team. It creates a space so people can reveal their hidden truths. These are things known to ourselves that we hide from others. It's about making the invisible, visible!

When to use it?

Great teams don’t just happen, they are created!

Great teams need to take the time to get to know each other. Run this activity whenever you feel your team needs to come together to get a sense of how they are. Or, when you feel your team is overwhelmed and overworked. Run this activity to give them space to reveal what's happening for them.

How it works

The activity has 5 steps, taking the team on a journey of understanding. The core purpose is to create space for vulnerability and openness. It can be hard to do this in organisations.

Break the team into smaller groups. In their groups ask them to share their hidden truths, plus their marvel, vanish and reveal. Use the breakout rooms for this part of the activity and give a time limit.

Come back together and discuss the findings of each group. Share the commonalities and the differences. By the end of the activity, your team will have a shared understanding of what's working, where the challenges lie and what's emerging that you can amp up.

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