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Miro’s guide to managing UX teams

As digital businesses realize how outstanding UX design gives them a competitive advantage, they’re investing in talented teams to deliver the exceptional experiences that users demand. Over the past several months, we talked to the leading companies in this space, including WhatsApp, Salesforce, and Upwork, and collected the insights about managing UX teams. Check out our guide to learn how good UX design can help you build the next big thing.

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When you hire designers, you need to look for people who are self-aware, self-managing, and socially aware.

Irene Au

Design Partner at Khosla Ventures)

and business

How can you measure the impact of design? How do you make sure your design team helps you to achieve your business goals? Check out our posts in this section to align your UX design department with the rest of the team.

Managing remote
UX teams

Leading tech companies are the first to test out innovative methods of work, so it’s no surprise that they’re also beginning to hire remote workers and organize distributed teams. This approach allows them to attract the best talent while reducing costs. Learn from the leading UX professionals how they turn challenges of remote work into advantages.

A big part of achieving alignment involves thinking about different cultures, because different cultures work differently.

Ben Holland-Arlen

Senior User Experience Designer at Salesforce

User research

The field of user research is quite new, and a recent McKinsey study showed that over 40% of the companies surveyed still aren’t talking to their end users during development, despite the fact that it gives a huge advantage to the organizations that want to stay ahead of their competitors. Check out these posts if you are looking for ways to integrate research into your product development process.

As a user researcher, my mission is to humanize data and spread impactful and memorable user stories.

Summer Kim

Head of Research at WhatsApp

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