Online Brainstorming
for Creative Teams

Unleash your creative ideas on an
infinite canvas and collaborate in
real-time with from any location.
Think in many formats with sticky
notes, diagrams, and more.
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Run a Brainstorming

Facilitate workshops where everyone can participate
regardless of their location. Capture physical boards
in seconds with Stickies Capture and convert them
to fully editable digital sticky notes.

Put your ideas into action

Miro has over 120 pre-built templates so you can go
from ideation to execution all on one infinite canvas.
Browse visual kanban boards, user story maps,
customer journey maps and more.
Mind Map
Story Map
Journey Map
Mind Map
Story Map
Journey Map
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in one place

Brainstorming session
Gather references and import data from
spreadsheets automatically. Build the vision with
sticky notes, drawings, diagrams, images, docs,
and gifs, with access from any device.
Brainstorming session

Uncover the best ideas

Democratize voices and discover the best ideas with
anonymous voting. Stay organized and ensure nothing falls
through the cracks with keyword search, tagging, clustering,
and mind mapping.
Uncover the best ideas

Join over 5 million users

Create your first board today. Free forever.
Miro for Enterprise

Idea Management

Idea Management Platform
Maintain a single source of truth and
understand the “why” behind decisions.
Steer the ideation process across the
Move and track ideas through the pipeline from
concept to execution.
Idea Management Platform
"We’ve developed a process
for brainstorming sessions that
we love — and, more importantly,
our clients love."
Justin Huskey, Lead Designer, Infinite Red

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