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Simplify choices with a pros and cons list maker

Better evaluate and analyze all possible scenarios with a pros and cons list maker. Zoom out and get the big picture to make smarter choices together with your team.

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Create a pros and cons list online with your team

Make decisions a collaborative effort with Miro's pros and cons list maker. Include everyone in the decision-making process, and easily share and co-create pros and cons lists in real time. Leverage the collective intelligence of your team for more informed choices.

Why Miro is a great pros and cons list maker

Easily create a pros and cons list

Miro helps you create pros and cons lists online quickly. Create a table with our built-in app, and use the drag-and-drop to add, rearrange, or delete items on your list with just one click. Allow yourself to focus on what matters, and create lists effortlessly.

Transform decision-making

Invite team members to contribute to your pros and cons list and get valuable insights and diverse perspectives. Collaborating in real time, foster a culture of shared ownership, leading to more well-rounded and informed decisions.

Quickly edit your list

Easily customize your pros and cons list to fit your needs. Add additional columns to capture specific criteria, or adjust the layout to suit your project. Create a framework that aligns perfectly with your decision-making style, and maximize the effectiveness of your analysis.

Share it

Make the pros and cons list accessible to all relevant stakeholders, and create a shared understanding of the decision-making process. Increase transparency within your team and organization, allowing others to see the reasoning behind choices.

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How to make a pros and cons list with Miro


Select the template

Go to the Templates Library and select the Pros and Cons List Template.


Add content

Drag and drop stickies and start adding data to your pros and cons list.


Invite others to join

Make your decision-making process collaborative, and brainstorm solutions with your team.


Share it

Download your pros and cons list as and image or PDF, or share your board link with others.

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Pros and cons list maker FAQs

To make a good pros and cons list, start by defining your decision clearly. Create a two-column list labeled "Pros" and "Cons", then brainstorm all potential benefits and drawbacks, considering both short and long-term outcomes. Prioritize each item based on its importance or potential impact. You may also seek outside input for additional perspectives. Reflect on your list to weigh the pros against the cons, and then use the list to inform your decision. A pros and cons list is a tool that can clarify the decision-making process and identify areas where more information is needed.

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