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Your employees are your greatest asset. Map out your organization to see the big picture and design for the future.


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Powerful solutions to visualize your organization

Visualize and document every process, system, and workflow in your organization with Miro’s diagramming and process mapping solutions.

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Center your organization around a single idea

Get everyone on the same page with a clear and easy-to-understand org design, and use Talktrack to create video walkthroughs.

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Easily share business critical information

Embed your org design into thousands of websites and tools — including Confluence, Notion, Teams, and more, so everyone has access all the time.

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Why Miro is the best tool for organization design

From alignment to action

Align teams on roles and responsibilities by providing a single source of truth. Combine dashboards, documents, tables, and presentations — all in one infinite workspace.

Increase transparency

Export your org structure at high fidelity, embedding it to your Confluence pages. Create a visual company directory that everyone can consult, add to presentations, and use to onboard new team members.

Easily design your organizational structure

Get started in seconds with our free, pre-made org chart template, the Miro Org Chart app – or design your own custom structure from scratch using powerful diagramming capabilities.

Grow at scale

Enable your organization to grow and scale effectively, by establishing clear paths for expansion and understanding how to allocate resources efficiently. Collaboratively design a scalable and transparent organizational structure.

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Align your team on your purpose and goals.

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How to design organizational structure with Miro



Determine the structure

Choose a framework that meets your organization’s needs.


Build an org chart

Using the Shapes tool and Connector lines, link the roles to departments and design your org chart according to your organization’s hierarchies.


Keep it as a living document

Use Miro to edit, customize, and save your work. Share with your team, and let everyone collaborate and co-design your organization structure with you.


Get on board in seconds

Join thousands of teams using Miro to do their best work yet.