What’s New: What we launched in April 2024

In the ever-evolving world of product planning, staying ahead of the curve is essential. This month, we want to share with you a series of updates designed to streamline your process and enhance collaboration. We’ve fine-tuned the Planner app, turbocharged Azure DevOps collaboration, and built some more features to boost your diagramming experience. These and other enhancements are poised to elevate your productivity to new heights. Join us as we dive into the latest improvements and discover how they can revolutionize your approach to collaboration and innovation.  project management and visualization.

Product development workflows

Planner updates to fast-track your work in Miro 

We have two updates to elevate your experience in Miro: the option to explicitly save your favorite options in the Planner dropdown, and widget-level settings in Planner for Jira so you can control capacity and load fields.

With this Planner update, Miro will only update the columns, rows, and filters after you’re done selecting the fields you want., This helps ensure you have selected all the values you need before the Planner contents update.

With widget-level settings, you’ll have more explicit control over when and for which Planner widgets on your board the capacity and load fields are shown.

Issues in Jira now unassigned by default 

Previously when creating new Jira issues from Miro, the assignee defaulted to whomever reported the issue, unless it could be matched to someone else within Jira.  Now when creating a card, it is unassigned by default. This makes it easier for teams to ensure the right person is tasked with getting the work done. In addition, you can remove the assignee on a card as needed.

Azure integration just got faster and better

You may have noticed that your Azure cards are loading faster. That’s because we have improved the speed of loading and importing Azure cards by up to 30%. In addition, your dependencies should load and update faster now, too — up to 77% faster, in fact! 

Speaking of dependencies, you can now create Azure DevOps dependencies between Azure cards directly on Miro. Begin with a draft (only visible in Miro) and then convert it to a dependency in Azure when you’re ready. Last but not least, we’ve improved story points, meaning you can now see the story point field on Azure cards. If an Azure work item already has story points assigned, you’ll now see them on cards in Miro, and if you want to add story points to a card, the field is available in the card edit panel. 

Diagramming & process mapping

New Cloudflare architecture icon packs

Business, Enterprise, and Education plan customers now can use the Cloudflare diagramming icons to design Cloudflare infrastructures and identify areas of improvement. By visualizing your infrastructure in Miro, you can collaborate across teams and stakeholders to optimize performance, security, and cost.

Sticky containers for AWS and Salesforce icon packs 

While AWS and Salesforce icon packs have been available for some time, we’ve upgraded them so that  these smart containers are sticky, maintain the layout and size of elements, and can be nested. 

New Technical Diagramming course available in Miro Academy

Enhance your skills and boost your profile by becoming a Miro-verified diagramming expert. Explore how Miro serves as a unified workspace to visualize complex systems, ideas, and organizational structures. Complete the course, pass the quiz, and earn the exclusive “Technical Diagramming” Verified Badge to highlight your expertise on LinkedIn and beyond. 

A scalable & flexible platform

Fresh look and syncing capabilities in Miro mobile app

Collaboration also relies on staying connected while on the go. The good news is Miro mobile app users are even closer to experiencing parity across devices. Now you can easily spot other collaborators on a board, follow along with the moderator, and bring others to your frame — so everyone’s on the same page.  

Draw on shapes and objects on interactive displays

Did you know that you can bridge the gap between online and physical collaboration by combining the power of Miro and interactive displays? Well, this experience just got better. Now you can use an interactive display to directly draw on objects such as sticky notes and easily move the object along with what is drawn — enabling a frictionless drawing and brainstorming experience.

Ready-made templates for process mapping

Miroverse is a gallery of templates made by and for the Miro user community — browse the latest templates to jump-start your next project. This month, we’ve hand-picked three templates to help up-level your Miro mapping projects:

  • Teamform’s Strategy to Execution Map creates a simple visualization of your system of work, providing a starting point to improve how your teams work within that system.
  • Isa Serpa’s Product Roadmap Template emphasizes the importance of delineating tactical plans that specify how the product will provide value and achieve its goals.

Stay tuned for May

We hope you enjoyed this month’s updates and find value in these mighty features. Whether you’re tweaking your Planner setup, teaming up effortlessly in Azure, or getting creative with Cloudflare diagrams, Miro’s got your back for smooth sailing ahead. Want to stay in the loop? Visit our What’s New page for more updates!

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