Strategy to Execution Map


What is it?

Most organizations don't have clarity on what their larger system of work looks like. When you don't have visibility of how your organizing structure connects to structure, then it's impossible to find ways to improve how your teams deliver better value.

The Strategy to Execution Map template provides an easy way to get started on visualising your organisation's system of work, which will equip you with a starting point to improve how your teams work within that system.

Who this is for?

This template is for Heads of Transformation, Consultants, and Tech/Delivery Leaders to create better clarity of how their organizations work.

How to use this template:

You can use this template as an individual or as a team workshop.

Step one: Map your organization's system of work

- Start with what you know

- Highlight unknown areas and add questions along the way

- Try to draw connections and relationships among them – how do these different areas of structure, strategy and work connect together?

Step two: Highlight and discuss

- Use the green post-its to identify 1-2 areas that are working well right now

- Use the red post-its to identify 1-2 areas that aren't working well

- Add detail for each

Step three: Identify areas for improvement

- If using this with a team in a workshop, discuss what is and isn't working well

- Identify areas to improve and capture your actions in the "Actions" section on the template


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