🚀 New Templates in Miroverse – May 2024

May has been a fantastic month for Miroverse, with almost 190 new templates published by our talented Creators. With these templates, you can streamline operations, reflect on achievements, enhance teamwork, and so much more. In this roundup, we’ll celebrate the most outstanding frameworks and their Creators.

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Dave Westgarth | Most Published Miroverse Creator 🚀

Delivery Manager and seasoned Creator Dave Westgarth continues to impress us with his creativity and innovation. In May alone, he published 20 retrospective templates, making him not only the most-published Creator in May but also the second-most-published Creator in Miroverse ever! Congrats, Dave — you’re an exceptional Creator and we’re honored to have you in the community.

Maarten Dalmijn | Most Copied Miroverse Creator 🚀

Product Management and Agile expert Maarten Dalmijn just joined Miroverse and published his first template. Thanks to its clarity and design, he was nominated for the Miroverse Choice Awards 2024. His Sprint Review template was copied over 300 times and became a user favorite in May. Welcome, Maarten! We’re thrilled to have you on board and look forward to your new creations.

Fredrik Hjorth | Most Liked Miroverse Creator 🚀

Fredrik Hjorth, an Agile Team Coach at IKEA IT, gamified retros with his Retropoly template. Players roll the dice to move around the board and complete tasks/challenges at each location. This playful twist on the traditional “Start, Stop, Continue” retro earned 45 likes in May alone! Thanks, Fredrik, for making retros enjoyable. We’re eager to see your future submissions.

Velebit | Most Viewed Miroverse Creator 🚀 

Velebit Miric, Head of Business Design at Lusidea & Spark Innovation Hub, is another seasoned Creator. With years of experience and a passion for Human-centered Design and collaboration, he released his biggest template yet, DesAIgn Thinking Planet: Workshop for Humans + AI, which includes over 6,000 elements! This impressive template garnered more than 1500 views in May. Thank you, Velebit, for your incredible creativity. 

Michael | Professional Spotlight 🚀

Agile Leader at Honest Agile, Michael helps organizations deliver more value, more often. His Relative Estimation With Tee Shirt Sizing template introduces a size-based estimation technique, perfect for Agile teams seeking a straightforward and effective approach to work sizing. Congratulations, Michael! We look forward to your upcoming creations.

Lee Jeffery | Social Impact 🚀

Lee Jeffery, UX Team Lead at Sage, focuses on building an inclusive design culture. His Inclusivity Sandwich template helps teams start conversations about inclusive design, understand their progress, and identify areas for improvement. Thank you, Lee! Your dedication to inclusivity is inspiring.

Muhammad Jaon | Staff Picks 🚀

Muhammad Jaon, Designer at Design Pro, created an exceptional Gantt Chart for Project Scheduling template. The thorough and well-structured example helps you quickly onboard to get the most out of this framework. Congratulations, Muhammad! Your detailed and insightful approach is a remarkable addition to Miroverse.

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