Relative Estimation With Tee Shirt Sizing


Introduce a structured, size-based estimation technique with our Tee Shirt Sizing Template. This professional tool replaces complex numerical estimation with a clear, category-based system, ideal for Agile teams seeking a straightforward and effective approach to work sizing.

Template Overview:

  • Understand tee shirt sizing for strategic estimation, adopting a non-numerical method for assessing task effort and complexity.

  • Engage your team with interactive, visual tools that facilitate a collaborative and unified estimation process.

  • Customize the template to fit your organizational identity, ensuring a professional and consistent planning experience.

Key Features:

  • A modular, step-by-step approach to defining work item sizes from S to XL.

  • Tee Shirt Poker to gamify the estimation process, driving consensus and team cohesion.

  • A flexible framework that accommodates both remote and on-site team interactions.


  • Transition to a user-friendly estimation method that all team members can understand and engage with.

  • Foster clear communication and eliminate the ambiguity often associated with traditional estimation techniques.

  • Organize and conduct more productive planning sessions, resulting in a well-prioritized and manageable backlog.

Ideal For:

Agile and Scrum teams that prioritize efficiency, project managers seeking to streamline estimation processes, and product owners who require a common language for task complexity.

With this template, enhance your work management practices by enabling precise planning, fostering clear team communication, and ensuring a collaborative estimation environment.


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