End of the Year Team Retro


This template is the perfect end of the year reflection for teams. Divided into a personal retro and a team one, it aims at better understanding how a team is doing, what's driving every member and what is needed for the team to grow.

After a whole year away from the office, we all feel a need for connection and belonging. This is this yearly retrospective is office-themed!

The session starts by entering the front door, and as you progress through the exercises you move through different rooms and make your way up to the top.

For the session wrap up the exercises continue in the nearby building, which is a bar for your team to celebrate with drinks!


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Martina Bonetti
Service and User Experience Designer@Emakina.NL
Service and User Experience Designer by day, problem solver at heart. I co-create feasible solutions that people love, and always find space for more plants in my house.
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