1 Year Around the Miroverse: A Retrospective


Every year brings more growth and new possibilities so we took this moment as opportunity to ask Miroverse creators to reflect with us on the past year!

Looking back on successes and failures helps us to draw learnings and insights to inform future decisions and directions. With this retrospective board everyone could share their thoughts, feedback, stories, experiences, tribulations, etc by simply selecting an empty sticky note and start typing. Our Miroverse creators were encouraged to share as much or as little as much as they are comfortable with and lastly, were left room for shout outs and little spontaneity.

Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback and I hope it inspires more reflection. Let us know about your experience in the community.

How to use this template

There are four areas with prompts:

  1. The highlights: What we went well? What did you enjoy? Things we found delightful...

  2. Advice for future creators: What have you learned? What would you like to learn more about? Things we wish we knew at the start...

  3. Looking forward: What have you missed? What would you like to have/see more of? Things we'd like for next time...

  4. Craziest story: What was surprising? Did being published have an impact on your life? Things that we didn't expect...

Learn more from the Miroverse team

It felt like the right time for our team to also reflect on how it started, how it’s going, and where it’s headed ourselves. You can find the conversation between Nik, Mariam, and myself, captured this blog article.


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