Event Retro and Happy Hour


Congrats, you put on an amazing event! Do you ever wonder how it went? Conduct a social retrospective during a virtual happy hour to collect feedback from your audience or with your internal team to identify what went well, areas of improvement, ideas for future events, and next steps. It can only get better from here!

Take event surveys to another level by making them visual, collaborative, and fun.


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Iris Latour
Growth UX Researcher@Miro
Iris is a dynamic UX Researcher for Growth at Miro and a dedicated Leadership Coach. Beginning her journey in sociology and education, Iris honed her skills as a design thinking and UX research facilitator for fortune 100 clients including Google, Visa, CapitalOne, and FedEx. She leverages research to drive her passion for empowering optimizing user experience. Iris has launched several businesses and established insights practices for seedlings and startups as the founding researcher.
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