Festival Retrospective


The festival themed retrospective has been designed using the metaphors and common areas of a festival for teams to share ideas and key themes

The retrospective is broken up into four main areas:

  1. The Main Stage - highlights of the sprint/iteration; things that went well and that the team enjoyed

  2. Fortune Teller - things we wish we knew at the start

  3. First Aid Tent - pain points; things that perhaps didn't go as well as we'd have hoped

  4. Actions - how can we make the next sprint/iteration better?

Use the blank post-it templates available and some of the example post-its as a starter and work your way around the board from Main Stage, to Fortune Teller, to the First Aid Tent, where the pain points identified by the team help to drive conversation and insight into the final Actions section. 


Credit for the creative and design to some of the fantastic designers working at Dyson.


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Joel Blackie
Scrum Master and Agile Delivery Manager
Experience and passion for Agile delivery, user research, rapid prototyping and building great products people love; drawing from techniques across different Agile and Lean frameworks such as Kanban, Flow and Scrum.
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