DesAIgn Thinking Planet: Workshop for Humans + AI


After months of careful construction, we are proud to present our biggest Miroverse template so far, the DesAIgn Thinking Planet, counting 6583 elements in this dynamic collaborative template made to support your Design Thinking processes in a digital surrounding, including more humans in the way you design, as well as integrating AI assistance if and when possible. Whether you are a seasoned designer/facilitator, or just starting your journey into human-centered design methodologies, this template will help you reach greater heights in practical development of your skills and capabilities and ultimately help you create more human-centered experiences for others. Don't worry, it's got a Talktrack to start with and some tips & tricks along the way! Key Features:

  • Extensive Design Thinking Workshopping Toolkit: Over 8 hours of structured workshop templates meticulously crafted to facilitate every stage of the design thinking process—from empathy to prototype testing,

  • AI-Powered Idea Generation: Utilize advanced AI algorithms designed to spark creativity and offer novel solutions based on the data you input, helping you break through creative blocks and expand your thinking,

  • Dynamic Collaboration Space: A vast, interactive digital canvas allows team members, regardless of their physical location, to contribute, edit, and share ideas in real-time. AI integrations provide immediate suggestions, feedback, and data-driven insights,

  • Inspiration and Learning Hub: A dedicated gallery filled with case studies, both successful and cautionary, enriched with AI-generated summaries to highlight key learnings and inspire your projects,

  • Further AI implementation: discover new ways of using AI as a set of carefully calibrated assistant tools to guide your Business Design, and Innovation Management in human-centered and ethical ways.

Ideal for:

  • Corporate Teams and Startups: Perfect for teams looking to innovate products and services while incorporating a broad spectrum of human-centered design techniques,

  • UX & Design Educators, Facilitators and Trainers: Educators and facilitators can leverage this comprehensive toolkit to teach structured problem-solving and innovation methodologies,

  • Design Consultants and Agencies: Professionals in creative industries who require a robust, flexible platform to run workshops and develop strategies with clients or internal teams.


  • Enhanced Creative Problem-Solving: Fuse traditional design thinking methods with cutting-edge AI to explore new dimensions of creativity and complex problem-solving,

  • Streamlined Collaborative Processes: Reduce the friction in remote collaboration, ensuring that all team members have a voice and can contribute effectively, supported by AI's capacity to synthesize and suggest,

  • Accelerated Project Timelines: With tools that speed up analysis, idea generation, and prototype testing, move from concept to reality faster than ever,

  • Educational and Engaging: Learn from real-world applications embedded within the template, alongside your own iterations and fails, providing an immersive educational experience that stays updated with the latest in design and tech.

This template is not just a tool, it is a pathway into using Design Thinking to include more humans as well as AI in the process, guiding you toward creating more human-centered solutions to innovation challenges. Step into a universe where technology meets creativity, and empower your team to tackle tomorrow's challenges today.

Join us on the DesAIgn Thinking Planet—where your innovation journey reaches new heights! Feel free to share how you use this template or contact us for more!


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UX Sherpa (design, facilitate, consult, teach, write) in the realm of Human-Centered Design. Follow me for deep insights into the art and science of design.
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