Miro launches scale-ups program

Scale-ups are mid and late-stage startups that have found their market fit and are growing fast — really fast. While they can be a hotbed of innovation, their growth also brings on a new set of exciting challenges.

“The art of scaling up is to continuously keep the growing team engaged while delivering value at a speed of a small startup.”

Andrey Khusid, Miro CEO

We’ve spoken to dozens of our scale-ups — and drawn from our own experience as one — to learn about the common problems that scale-ups face and found that they require a unique set of strategies to succeed in developing and launching the next big thing. After a stellar first year for Miro’s early-stage startup program that saw over 5,000 applications, we’re excited to announce that Miro is launching a new program exclusively for scale-ups!

New Miro Scale-ups Offer TL;DR

Miro is thrilled to announce an increased investment in scale-ups, which are defined as startups funded at series D and below and that have found their product-market fit.

The new program offers:

  • Tailored pricing based on your organization’s requirements
  • A dedicated account team that works with other scale-ups and will consult on your evolving needs
  • Templates and best practices from peers specific to startups and scale-ups
  • Access to the Miro community with useful content, events, and webinars
  • And more are coming soon!

Interested in learning more? Contact us here.

Grow without sacrificing speed and experience

When a startup finds its market fit and growth starts soaring, it can feel like “mission accomplished.” But the reality is that about three out of four scale-ups fail. The type of work and team dynamic changes when a startup becomes a scale-up, requiring new expertise and behaviors that are different from the typical startup work.

Companies in this growth phase face workflow and communications obstacles. New hires aren’t always clear on the company mission and culture or may not feel as connected to their teams due to geographic differences or remote onboarding. And the expanding customer base might not get the same level of attention.

On top of these changes, scale-ups also have evolving security and administration requirements that are often met by Enterprise-level offerings–and enterprise-level pricing. Most scale-ups can’t afford this giant leap, which prohibits them from scaling cost-effectively and stretching investor dollars.

Miro is uniquely suited to help these growing teams stay in sync and continue to innovate during such a major shift.

“Miro has been an essential tool for our day-to-day work. From standups to data flow maps, it helps us collaborate, organize, and manage complex tasks, projects, and workflows in beautiful and intuitive ways … every day. Being a remote-first organization, having a tool that allows users to share ideas on a digital whiteboard in real-time is crucial. With Miro enterprise, we were able to scale up our environment from the product team to the whole organization easily and securely because of its included SSO functionality and provisioning abilities. Enterprise also gave us greater insights on who was using the product and allowed us to become more agile in our budgeting for licenses and gave us the ability to protect our ideas with domain controls.”

Rob Baker, IT Systems at Prodigy

By investing in Miro early, scale-ups can positively impact the transition to hypergrowth before progress and growth are stalled by helping improve the employee and customer experience, driving innovation, and reducing the cost of collaboration.

Scale up with Miro

Miro’s visual workspace for innovation gives scale-ups the collaboration solution they need to navigate change — from Product, Engineering, UX, Marketing, Sales, and Operations, to the whole company. Remote, hybrid, or in-person.

“Miro is the lifeblood of any remote teamwork, event, and collaboration… There is a value in the Lean-Agile software development world that says: ‘Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.’ Miro as a tool has always been so flexible, with a broad array of available functionality and strong performance even at scale, so that in the years of using it we have never come across a limitation that would make us feel we are undermining that value or beginning to serve the tool as opposed to the tool serving the people.”

Miks Veltmanis, Product Operations at Printify

Common scale up solutions that Miro enables:

… all while doing so with your security and scale in mind.

Don’t know where to start? Miro includes pre-built templates that have been developed and refined by some of the most successful companies in the world that were once scale-ups. In fact, 88 companies from the Forbes’ Cloud 100 and 99 of the Fortune 100 companies use Miro. These high-growth companies along with more than 30 million other users have found success using Miro’s innovation platform.

These best practices can also be accessed on-demand in the templates library in-app or in the Miroverse, where scale-ups can find proven canvases without having to reinvent the wheel.

Some examples include:

Templates aligning the growing team around a single mission

Templates to stay ahead of sales and the customer

Templates to onboard and nurture employee culture

Start navigating your growth today

Miro’s scale-up program is ready for you. The next phase of growth will be exciting and rewarding, especially when you can anticipate the hurdles before they happen. Partner with us to take advantage of the resources and knowledge that will help you navigate the next stage of your company’s growth journey.

Discover Miro for Scale-ups

Discover Miro for Scale-ups

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