Inclusive Customer Experiences


This tool utilises Rainmaking, Experience Design and Storytelling techniques to prototype your customer’s experience with you, your team, or your company.

This might help to identify and design the key moments your customers are experiencing along their journey and collaboration with you. It’s a working tool which should be revisited multiple times in a project.

When to use this tool?

  • Initial talks with Account Executives/Project Managers

  • Beginning of the project

  • Throughout a project to loop in more stakeholders or extended team members

  • Shaping a Pitch or Deliverable

  • Project Retrospective

With whom to use it?

  • Internal, everyone who gets involved with the project, either 
to work on it or remind of it

  • External, with our partners on customer side to create the right experiences for their stakeholders

This is a work-in-progress tool, if you have any feedback or insights from trying it, please feel free to reach out!


Sandra Heinzen image
Sandra Heinzen
Design Lead@Salesforce
Design Lead at Ignite International FinS – Salesforce's Innovation Team. Previously with frog design, Phoenix Design, TED – believes in Strategy as a Creative Act and making space for purpose-led ideas and innovation.
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