Product Alignment Document Template


This template represents the approach that I recently introduced at Miro and is currently at the heart of how we center ourselves around the product strategy. 

The goal of the product alignment approach is to guide structural opportunity discovery, solution discovery, ensure product collaboration and knowledge sharing in the product org as the company rapidly grows. This approach can be used at companies of all sizes. In fact, the earlier a company adopts this approach, the easier it will be to overcome product collaboration and alignment issues arising from the company’s growth.

About the template

The Product Alignment approach consists of a single document called PAD (short for Product Alignment Document) as well as ceremonies that go along with this document as it evolves and goes through different stages. PAD is the artifact where we document the result of the product discovery and impact. 

PAD consists of 3 main pillars listed below. Each part is associated with the stages that the document goes through.

Opportunity/Problem Framing

  • Problem Statement

  • Audience

  • The Why

  • Success Metrics

  • Competitive Research

  • Potential Solution Directions

Solution Framing

  • Proposed Solution

  • Rejected Solutions and Why

  • Out of Scope

  • Dependencies, Risks and Mitigations

  • GTM Strategy

Post-launch Recap

  • Success Reflection

  • Learnings


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Farbod Saraf
Product Lead@Miro
Farbod is a product leader at Miro. He currently focuses on the platformization of Miro. He occasionally writes about product management, mental models, and open source
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