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This or That Template

Create eye-catching This or That visuals for your social media, website, or blog.

About the This or That Template

This or That is a fun way for your social media followers to get to know you. Whether you use social media personally or professionally, as a casual user or as a brand, This or That helps put you in touch with people who share your interests.

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What is This or That

If you’re a social media manager, a designer, or just someone who loves photography, then you’ve probably seen the “This or That” game on Instagram. The premise is simple:

  • You make two parallel lists that pit a series of choices against each other, like “apples or oranges” or “pizza or hot dogs”. 

  • The Instagram user chooses between the various options by circling the one that they prefer. Then they share the completed game with their followers.

Although it was popularized on Instagram, you can use This or That on other social media platforms too, or even your website or blog. The template makes it easy to quickly create and save This or That games, dressing them up with graphics or colors that are eye-catching and brand-appropriate.

When to use This or That

Businesses, influencers, and bloggers use This or That to engage with their audience. It’s a fun way to get your followers engaged, and it’s an opportunity to socialize your brand content without sounding too salesy.

Many brands put This or That games in their Instagram stories to put their audience in touch with the person behind the phone. Others use the game to socialize a new product. Use This or That any time you’d like to share fun, interesting content with your followers .

Create your own This or That game

Making your own This or That game is easy with this free tool. Get started by selecting the This or That Template, then take the following steps to make one of your own.

  1. Decide on a goal. What do you want to get out of the game? Are you using it so your followers can get to know your brand? Do you intend for them to share it on their own profiles?

  2. Pick a theme. This or That is fun because it’s infinitely customizable. Food, holidays, music, desserts… These are just some of the many themes you can use to create the game.

  3. List the sets of choices. The template is divided into two columns. You’ll put the parallel choices on either side of the center line. If your theme is Desserts, for example, you might list out “cake or pie,” “ice cream or cheesecake,” and so on.

  4. Dress it up. Choose graphics, colors, images, and fun fonts that fit the theme.

  5. Share on social media! Share your This or That to get your followers engaged.

This or That Template

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