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Quickly show data with Miro’s bar graph maker

Miro’s built-in bar chart saves you time and effort when presenting data, allowing you to create a bar chart in minutes. Improve presentations and your team’s ability to draw insights fast.

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Make a bar graph that stands out

Bar graphs help you craft your business storytelling in a way that no other tool can. Use our bar graph maker to contrast and compare data and give people insights - and solutions - all in one shared space.

Why Miro is the best tool for charts

No context switching

Miro’s built-in Charts feature allows you to create a bar graph with just a few clicks. Select it on our left toolbar, pick the bar graph, and add it to your board.

Customizable features

Quickly edit titles, descriptions, and legends, and add variables to your bar graph. Freely resize your bar graph to fit your presentation.

Collaboration that works

Use sticky notes to add insights and discuss if your bar graph makes sense with your team. Get instant feedback and iterate quickly, in real time, or async.

Infinite canvas

Add any other content or graphs to the same board, and have everything you need in one shared space. Don’t waste time looking for references elsewhere; make a bar chart quicker with Miro’s bar chart maker.

Presentation mode

Improve presentations in minutes by adding your bar graph to frames. Select presentation mode and run your session like a pro.

Share it

Save your bar graph as an image or pdf, or invite your team to the board so they can work together with you.

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Spot differences between ideas or products and make confident and informed decisions.

Make better, faster decisions by organizing and comparing your ideas.

How to create a bar graph


Select Charts on the toolbar

Choose the bar graph and add it to your board. You can make it with horizontal or vertical bars and add multiple series if needed.


Add and edit the data

Select your bar graph on the board and edit the pop-up window with the parameters of your chart.


Share it

After editing and customizing your bar graph, you can share it with your team by downloading it as an image or PDF or adding it to presentations.

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Bar graph maker FAQs

How do a bar graph and histogram differ?

A bar graph displays data related to categories. For example, a bar graph can be used to show how many speakers each language has worldwide. It compares data through categorial grouping. A histogram shows how numerical data are distributed. For instance, it can be used to show how many people received a particular grade on an English test. The histogram shows how this variable data is distributed. It’s important to note that a bar graph is not a histogram; they serve different purposes and show data differently.

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