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Pie Chart Template

Present relationships between datasets and see contrast right away.

About the Pie Chart Template

A Pie Chart Template shows the relationships between datasets, illustrated within a circle. It’s often also referred to as a circle chart. The circle sections look like slices of a pie and represent different datasets so that you can easily compare them all at once. The Pie Chart Template is an excellent tool to enhance presentations and make data more digestible to any audience.

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What is the Pie Chart Template

The Pie Chart Template is a circle with sections, representing the pie ‘slices’, with the arc’s length being proportional to the quantity represented. The sections making up the pie chart, often displayed in percentages, are equal to 100% when added up, making a full circle.

When to use the Pie Chart Template

Professionals across many industries use pie charts to compare data and show contrasts. It’s one of the most used diagrams since it can be easily read and interpreted.

Business organizations and the educational sector use pie charts to support storytelling with visual data, and engage audiences easily and more quickly.

How to create a pie chart

You can easily make a pie chart in Miro, either using our ready-made template or drawing one from scratch. Miro’s extensive diagramming capabilities make it the perfect pie chart maker, where you can, with just a few clicks, create your own pie chart.

How to make a pie chart using our ready-made template:

  1. Select the Pie Chart Template.

  2. Double click the pie chart to add data to each series. Make sure to add real numbers and not percentages.

  3. Edit title and legend.

After you set your pie chart, you can edit how it looks and change the colors as you like.

How to create a custom pie chart:

  1. Click ‘charts’ on the toolbar.

  2. Select the object, in this case, the pie chart.

  3. Double click the pie chart. A pop-up window will show.

  4. Add your data.

In Miro, you can edit the values of your pie chart, and the colors will be selected automatically.

A pie chart example

Let’s say you want to save on your water consumption. To analyze how much water you are using, you can create a pie chart to show all the ways you consume water and how much water each of them uses. You can add toilet consumption, shower, kitchen sink, washing machine, dishwasher, and any leakages. For each of these, add the percentage of their consumption.

As you can see, the total consumption should be 100%, which will configure your whole pie chart.

With this pie chart, you can see right away which one has the most significant share of consumption and which one has the lowest.

FAQ about the Pie Chart template

Where can I create a pie chart?

People often create a pie chart to visually show data when doing presentations or delivering reports. Miro is an excellent pie chart maker, where you can easily create your pie chart and attach it to any other document by either downloading or embedding your pie chart template board. Highly customizable, our pie chart template is also easily shareable so you and your team can add ideas and make communication flow easier with it. Try it for yourself and see if that works for you.

Pie Chart Template

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