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A visual and collaborative phylogenetic tree maker

Visualize evolutionary relationships between species using Miro’s intuitive phylogenetic tree maker. Collaborate with teammates in real time, or easily share your work when you’re ready.

A phylogenetic tree diagram in Miro

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A phylogenetic tree maker designed to be effortless

With an easy-to-use interface and automated diagramming features, creating a complex phylogenetic tree has never been simpler. Drag and drop everything from shapes to your own images. Share important context by adding sticky notes or embedding documents right on your Miro board.

Collaboratng on a Phylogenetic tree

Why Miro is the best phylogenetic tree maker

Advanced diagramming

Explore Miro’s advanced diagramming shape packs to easily create an elaborate phylogenetic tree from scratch — or save time with a free and fully customizable Phylogenetic Tree Template.

Built for collaboration

Invite teammates to create a phylogenetic tree with you in real time — even if you aren’t in the same room. Working async? Leave comments and tag teammates using @-mentions.

Live and async presentations

Run engaging workshops in Miro and maximize participation using live reactions. You can also use Talktrack to record interactive walkthroughs of your phylogenetic tree and share them.

Powerful integrations

Miro’s phylogenetic tree generator integrates with over 130 apps, including popular design tools like Figma, and suites like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Atlassian.

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How to create a phylogenetic tree in Miro


Open Miro’s template

Open Miro’s Phylogenetic Tree Template to get started. It’s free and ready to use.


Add some data

Start by adding your data to the template —such as taxonomic names or DNA sequences.


Branch out as needed

Expand the tree to reveal more evolutionary paths by adding more connection lines and text boxes.


Make it your own

Add any important context using sticky notes or cards. Finally, customize your Miro board by changing colors, font types, or adjusting any of the connection lines.

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Phylogenetic tree maker FAQs

Yes, Miro offers a ready-to-use Phylogenetic Tree Template. It’s free and fully editable, allowing you to start filling it in and to make it your own.

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