What we launched in July 2022

What we launched in July 2022

August 8, 2022

This month at Miro we released many of the features that were talked about at Miro Next and a few more besides. Read on to see how Miro’s newest features can help your team work better together, check out our roundup of releases from July.

Visual collaboration in a hybrid environment

Miro for Google Meet is here

We’re excited to bring Miro to every Google Meet user worldwide and offer a unique space for co-creation and collaboration.

  • Bring teams together in one inclusive space: Using Miro boards in Google Meet, you can collaborate where the conversation is happening. Create or open up a Miro board directly in Google Meet — no need to switch between apps or share your screen.
  • Restriction-free collaboration for anyone: Everyone in the meeting can view and edit the board and even create a new board without a Miro account.

Learn more about Miro for Google Meet here.

Author labels on sticky notes

Want to quickly see which teammate wrote a sticky note on a Miro board? Now you and your teammates can easily add your names to the sticky notes you create, with one click.

If you’re concerned about revealing your name on a sticky note, any board editor can disable the author label, ensuring anonymity if needed. This can be done on the context menu by enabling/disabling the “show author” option.

Learn more.


New templates added to Miroverse

Team values influence every decision you make and help you work together. The latest templates from Miroverse guide you to create connections, team structures, and accountability.

  • Techstack Ltd shared The Team Growth Board to facilitate growth point identification and prevent problems in a structured way.
  • Elena Verna provided the Data Org Chart to create accountability with a tight connection between initiatives and business outcomes.
  • Maria Karnaukhova created the Team Values & Behaviours Workshop to help your team align on the values they believe in and how they are going to act accordingly.

Discover all of the latest Miroverse templates from the Miro community or share your own.

Miro Expert profiles are now in Miroverse

Miro Experts can now showcase their services alongside their best-in-class templates directly in Miroverse, with a new profile design made exclusively for Miro Experts. Miro Experts is a special program for trusted consultants, agencies, and freelancers who use Miro to deliver their services using Miro.

For Experts, this makes it easier to build and share your portfolio in a dedicated space. For Miro users, this reduces the time and clicks needed to find an Expert to talk to. If you want to become a Miro Expert or want more information on the Expert program, learn more here.

Product Development Workflows

Estimation app

The Estimation app lets you run more structured estimations on a Miro board, giving everyone a voice with anonymous voting. You can estimate Miro sticky notes, cards ― and Jira cards, and sync estimates in one click. Learn more.

Unlock insights and make decisions faster with Clustering

Quickly organize team input from meetings and workshops, and structure large quantities of sticky notes. Clustering allows you to easily create groups and save time by letting the app arrange sticky notes by color or tags. Bonus: You can use it to go beyond just meetings to sort through other kinds of information, from research to simply making sense of your thoughts. Learn more.


New apps in Miro Marketplace

We’re constantly updating the Miro Marketplace with new apps and integrations to streamline your workflows and connect to your existing tech stack. Check out our newest app this month: 

  • Google Images: Enhance presentations and boards with an easy Google Image search directly on the board. Find new images and add them to your board without leaving Miro. Learn more about Miro and Google Images.

As always, you can find all Miro apps and integrations in the Miro Marketplace or on the Miro board. Interested in building your own app? Find out more about the Miro Developer Platform.

What will you co-collaborate on next?

These are just some of the updates we’ve made here at Miro. If you’re interested in learning more about these features and the others launched over the last quarter, you can register on-demand for our What’s New webinar and hear straight from our product experts. The next What’s New will be taking place in October 2022.

What’s new at Miro?

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