Team Values & Behaviours Workshop



"Culture eats strategy for breakfast", you probably heard that famous quote by Peter Drucker. Defining the culture is incredibly important for your team success, while values & behaviours is how the culture manifests itself. This workshop will help your team to come together and agree which values they believe in and how they are going to act according to them.

The workshop lasts around 4 hours 30 mins. It can be split into 2 days, the first one being about values and the second one about behaviours.

When and why use this template?

This workshop will be useful when:

  • creating a new team,

  • growing and onboarding new team members,

  • your team is storming,

  • serious organizational and/or cultural changes happened in your company.

In all these cases a conversation about team culture is necessary. However, it is often so difficult to define something so elusive and intangible! This workshops facilitates the conversation in a step-by-step way, making it easier, more fun and actionable at the same time.

It is a good idea to repeat this workshop, for example a year after, to see whether your team culture evolved and whether you managed to behave according to your agreement.


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Hi! I'm a multidisciplinary designer specialising in Operations, Facilitation & Strategy. I use design to build bridges between businesses, their customers and users. I help stakeholders untangle complexities of B2B software world by enabling co-creation and collaboration.

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