Wellbeing Workshop


Use this template to discuss and put in place a holistic wellbeing policy that includes individual needs.

The Wellbeing Workshop, a 2-3hr workshop template that helps teams define a wellbeing policy that works! It encourages discussion, sparks action and raises awareness of mental health in the workplace. 

The workshop takes a holistic approach but also recognises that we are all individuals with different needs.

For further information and training on wellbeing visit Mind.org.uk. Together we can tackle mental health awareness and help us all feel good in the workplace. Enjoy!  

When to use The Wellbeing Workshop?

Did you know that according to a recent Gartner survey – a quarter of employees have described themselves as depressed as a result of the pandemic? Writing a wellbeing policy is a great way to open up the discussion in the workplace and ultimately better support your mental health, which in turn leads to greater productivity, better performance and increased job satisfaction. 

Use Wellbeing Workshop to start a structured conversation with the team and bring everyone on the same page. Wellbeing Workshop is good for:

  • personalised, practical actions that your team agree together;

  • identifying what keeps your team well at work, what causes them to become unwell, and how to address that;

  • clarifying actions and addressing things that you as a team have control over;

  • encouraging healthy discussion around mental health;

  • general update sessions and introducing new members (recommended every quarter).

How does Wellbeing Workshop work?

You’ll be guided through a number of slides that will help you define practical solutions to:

  • approaches you will take and behaviours you can adopt to support your mental wellbeing;

  • early warning signs of poor mental health to look out for;

  • any workplace triggers for poor mental health or stress;

  • potential impact of poor mental health on performance;

  • what support may be needed;

  • positive steps.


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