Me-We-Us Framework


The Me-We-Us Framework helps you to create more engaged and productive online collaboration by switching between different group sizes. (Me-Time, We-Time and Us-Time)

When to use the Me-We-US Framework?

Working together in a group digitally can be a challenge. The more people participate, the harder it is to communicate and make everyone's voice heard. As result, groups can often fall into exhausting discussion, shallow work, and group thinking.

This framework helps you to divide your workshop or meeting into three phases that maximize the productivity and wellbeing of participants. You can best use it when you're working together with more than six people.

How does the Me-We-US Framework work?

Following the steps in the template, the workshop will be guided through three phases:

  • Me-Time: Each participant works alone on a specific task for a set amount of time. (Great for: Ideation, Brainstorming, Concept Work)

  • We-Time: The meeting is split into small groups that work together in breakout rooms. (Great for: Discussion, Prioritisation, Feedback)

  • Us-Time: Everyone comes together in one meeting room to work together as a whole group. (Great for: Making Decisions)

What are the benefits of this approach?

  • Better energy management: By frequently changing group sizes, the participants stay more energized.

  • Fewer chaotic discussions: Putting discussions into small groups creates better conversations.

  • More room for deep work: Working in big groups incentivizes shallow work and group thinking.

  • Better results: All the benefits above create a more productive environment.

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