Personal Legend Turbine


When to use the Personal Legend Turbine?

When we find ourselves wandering in a dozen different directions or feeling 'stuck' in life, our Personal Legend guides us back to the right path, reinvigorating us and exciting us for the unknown journey ahead. It gives us confidence and motivates us to take risks and make life decisions.

Each of us has our own unique Personal Legend, and it is our life’s duty to realize it and fulfill it.

Wind turbines operate on a simple principle—the energy in the wind turns the three blades, which in turn spins a generator to create electricity. Like a wind turbine, the three blades spin to generate our Personal Legend to create energy, fulfillment, and happiness.

You’ll be guided through 7 key concepts:

Values: What are the core values you live your life by?

Passions: What you do in your personal or professional life that brings you joy or a state of 'flow'?

Strengths: What are things that would move you forward or you have been told you are good at?

Activities: What are the actions you can take to live out your values, passions, and strengths?

Outputs: What will specifically be achieved by those activities?

Outcomes: What are the qualitative and quantitative benefits as a result of those outputs?

Personal Legend: What is your life's destiny or calling?


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