What Shapes Us Icebreaker


The What Shapes Us icebreaker was inspired by a need to spark curiosity, empathy and understanding across a global team. We each bring unique perspectives to our work based on our own lived experiences. When we understand and appreciate the diversity of thought we each bring to collaboration we can use it as a spring board for innovation and connection.

Use What Shapes Us as an icebreaker anytime you want to get your team talking about what's important to them, building connection or practicing empathy. The fun icons and images allow people to show off their unique values, interests, and personalities.

Introduce the icebreaker and then set a timer for 3-5 minutes. Encourage participants to choose one "person" on the board and then add as many icons, emojis, images, or gifs to the their "person". Once the timer goes off, have participants share about their avatar in pairs or small groups. To debrief, ask questions like: "How did it feel to share your avatar?" "What did you notice when you look across board at all the avatars?" "What did you learn about your teammates?"

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Dorothy Mankey
Onboarding Learning Designer@Miro
Dorothy is a teaming and collaboration enthusiast. She loves helping people connect and create shared experiences that spark curiosity, build empathy and create moments of collective effervescence.
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