Remote Roundtable Discussion


The Remote Roundtable Discussion template is meant for open discussions with a diverse group of people interested in the same topic, best in combination with a video call.

When to use?

  • When you want to have an open discussion;

  • When the group is not familiar with each other;

  • When you want to inspire and connect people on a common topic (such as The Value of Design).

How it works?

This template facilitates an inspirational 2 hr discussion with a diverse group or participants, on a broad topic such as The Value of Design. It helps you to time box an open discussion and co-create an agenda supported by all participants. When there are many directions a topics can take, the dot voting assures to choose the most pressing questions. The top 3 voted topics are given time slots for discussion so they get equal attention. It also leaves space to capture what's left, perhaps for another time, as well as suggestions for future discussions.


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