Meeting LEGO


We all want to make our meetings efficient and waste as little time as possible. This works best when having a step-by-step structure. Because every meeting is different and each has a different outcome, I wanted to create a modular way to build the structure for the meeting - which is easy to understand and follow, regardless of the goal.

With this template you can browse through existing Design Thinking modules and exercises and move them around to structure your meeting. It helps you achieve team consensus quickly, let everyone contribute and always have an outcome!

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Andrej Ktitarev
Product Designer & Co-founder@Deep Work
Andrej is a product designer and co-founder of Deep Work, a fully remote product design studio and expert network. He has helped companies from almost all industries design their products and improve the way they collaborate remotely and in-person. He is currently working on web3 products to transform how our society exchanges and transfers value.
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