Google Images

Google Images

by Miro Labs

With the Google Images app, you can search for images and add them to your board without leaving Miro. Say goodbye to a confusing maze of tabs with images. Access an endless amount of rich imagery while keeping your work centralized in Miro — say hello to your creative flow!

Key Features:

  • Access Google Images via Miro 
  • Drag & drop or click to add images to your board

How to Connect:

  • Install the app from Miro Marketplace by clicking Get app
  • Or, you can install the app from within a Miro board in the left side toolbar
  • Launch the Google Images app & use the search bar to find images you need and add them to the board by dragging and dropping

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Miro Labs apps are built by Miro team members on our developer platform.

Required permissions

  • Read and modify boards users have access to


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