Introducing Miro Labs

We're excited to share Miro's new product incubation program with you - where inspiration and innovation come together to create the next big thing.

Designed to make experimental investments in collaboration apps and product experiences, Miro Labs is our community's creative space to shine.


Creating space for innovation

Miro Labs is on a mission to foster an open, creative space where teams can explore, build, and test new ideas to expand collaborative possibilities.

We're pushing the boundaries of what you can co-create today, by giving you the opportunity to:

• Learn and source inspiration and ideas from real-life customer problems

• Develop, grow and validate early-stage ideas through testing and iteration

• Receive valuable feedback from a thriving community of Miro users


Step into the lab

Explore how our community is already leveraging Miro Labs.


Easily create and import diagrams with a plain text language.


Easily create and import diagrams with Markdown-inspired syntax.

Sticky Art

Create a wall of stickies from any image.

Let us know what you think

Connect with our product teams, ask questions, and share your feedback in our community.

Miro Labs — Terms of use

These terms govern your access to and use of Miro Labs and any Miro Labs products, and your continued use of any Miro Labs product constitutes your assent to these terms.

Miro Labs contains unsupported products, as they are the results of Miro activities like experiments, hack-a-thons, product acquisitions, and personal projects. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any other agreement that you have with Miro, all Miro Labs products are provided "as is" with all bugs and errors, are not supported by Miro, and are offered without any warranty, indemnity, or support of any kind. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use the Miro Labs products.