The Team Growth Board


Why use it?

We created a board for software development teams that makes team growth a predictable and constant process. Use the team growth board to facilitate growth point identification and prevent problems in a structured way, which enhances the development process and allows for bringing more value to the products.

How to use it?

Use this template and instructions to build a structured process for improving the teams.

  1. Choose what area your team would like to improve using the Map🗺️

  2. Create an action items that will help your team to improve the chosen area ✔️

  3. Create a ticket for each action item and move it to the ‘To do’ section🗒️

  4. Put the ticket you want to start with 
to the ‘In progress’ section;

  5. Work on improving the team 🪄

  6. Once all tickets hit the ‘Done’ section, mark the achievement as received and repeat the process 🏆

  7. Move your achievement to the rewards section 
and start working on 
the next improvement 🎉

Feel free to adjust this board according to your needs. ✌🏻


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Techstack Ltd
Custom Software Development Company
Techstack is a full-cycle software development company with vast experience in providing product engineering services to companies of all sizes, from startups to global corporations. Our product-oriented philosophy and over 8 years of experience in the market help to find the most suitable solutions to achieve the partners’ goals. Techstack expertise: Web development (Back-end, Front-end), Mobile development, QA service (Automation, Manual), UI/UX design, Cloud/DevOps, IoT and ML.

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