Experience Map Template


This experience map template helps you to build beautiful and effective experience maps. These maps describe the experience of people by displaying their emotions and quotes along the steps of the journey. Thanks to Miro, you can save them in high quality format to print them in the A0 or A1 format for all your workshops!

This template will guide you to build your complete experience map:

  1. Gather data from interviews by writing down all the quotes found in your interviews

  2. Think about your personas because 1 experience map = 1 persona

  3. Create and adjust your steps by describing all the actions in your persona's journey

  4. Create your phases by describing a group of steps

  5. Add your quotes that you gathered by moving them in the corresponding steps

  6. Add emotions for each step by moving them easily thanks to the template

  7. Add "How might we" problematics by adding questions beginning by how might we for each extreme emotions

  8. Pimp your experience map by adding photos, lines and colors

I made it simple to use and adaptable to address all situations. Discover it right now and create all the experience maps you always wanted to use!


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Antoine Pezé
UX researcher & product manager
I help to make decisions thanks to active listening and emotions. To do that, I share freely all my techniques on my website. I also share stuff about UX on my blog, Youtube & Twitch (in French).