OKR Board for Product, UX and Engineering Teams


The OKR (Objective and Key Results) framework has been created by Andy Grove at Intel, and then later made it popular by John Doer's best-selling book Measure What Measures. Since then, the framework has been highly adopted by many organisations such as Google and Adobe, with the goal of helping accelerate growth, increase team alignment, and also drive a more innovative culture where individual teams can easily see how their work fits / impacts the overall company objectives.

For a successful implementation, OKRs need to be adopted across the whole organisation, and whilst define from the top down, it needs champions to be driving dissemination from, the bottom up.

The key rationale behind OKRs is that is a collaborative, goal-setting framework that helps teams and organisations achieve their goals by defining identifiable and measurable results. The big promise is that it helps give purpose to teams and organisations.  

The purpose of this board is to help Product teams (including Design and Engineering) to more easily align their OKRs in order to deliver a consistent product experience.

It should act a catalyst for team alignment and purpose creation where from individual contributor to team leads level, the team can see how individuals are contributing to the overall goal of the product .

The board template also helps by providing a Portfolio, Product Team, and Squad view, so users can easily apply it across the whole team.

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Mauricio Franzoni
Product Leader & Business Strategist
Mauricio is an experienced Product Leader & Business Strategist with over 15 years’ experience working in Product Management, NPD & Agile Product Delivery across a variety of industries (EduTech/Telco / FMCG / IT &T / Consumer Goods / Digital / SaaS). Mauricio has solid experience in leading product teams in both Hardware and Software industries, having worked for large organisations such as Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Pearson and currently at Nintex leading Product across 3 portfolios. Mauricio has a Masters of Marketing, and is also a Mentor at RMIT Online Product Management course, with prior teaching experience @ General Assembly as a Product Management Lead instructor and at Product School as a Guest Speaker.
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