Growth Team Structure


The structure of a Growth Team is one of the most confusing and debated topics around — should it be a cross-functional, embedded, or fully autonomous team?

Confusion often stems from the fact that we don't have a common understanding of what a 'growth' team does (Is it marketing? Is it product?).

I believe it's a blend of marketing and product, built on a foundation of data. This template is my preferred growth team structure: an autonomous team across marketing, product, and analytics.

As to HR lines? It doesn't really matter, as long as the team works within pods together.


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Elena Verna
Growth Advisor
Elena Verna is a Growth enthusiast. Her passion is to geek out all things growth. She advises a variety of tech companies (Miro, MongoDB, OutSystems, Clockwise, Bonusly, Browserstack) while being Mentor/EIR @ Reforge (loops FTW!). Previously she was SVP of Consumer @ Malwarebytes and SVP of Growth @ SurveyMonkey.
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