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Successfully launching a product is tricky business! Building and shipping is just the start of the journey, and having timely comms, solid GTM and enablement will likely dictate whether the launch is a success of failure.

What does that mean for Product Managers?

Well, they will have to stretch their arms wide, and engage with various stakeholders across the whole organisation in order to make sure all other activities outside the "building the product" are covered and aligned with key milestones defined in the launch journey.

How can this board help you and your team?

The idea is simple. This board should be used a visual guide to a successful launch, and used to collaborate and keep stakeholders up to date on how each activity is tracking.

Whether you prefer to track on a week-to-week basis or monthly the board will allow you to add new activities, delete not required ones and custom based your needs.

The board default timeline will stretch to the end of 2021, so if you're planning the launch of a new product or feature, this template may be just right for you and your team!

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Mauricio Franzoni
Product Leader & Business Strategist
Mauricio is an experienced Product Leader & Business Strategist with over 15 years’ experience working in Product Management, NPD & Agile Product Delivery across a variety of industries (EduTech/Telco / FMCG / IT &T / Consumer Goods / Digital / SaaS). Mauricio has solid experience in leading product teams in both Hardware and Software industries, having worked for large organisations such as Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Pearson and currently at Nintex leading Product across 3 portfolios. Mauricio has a Masters of Marketing, and is also a Mentor at RMIT Online Product Management course, with prior teaching experience @ General Assembly as a Product Management Lead instructor and at Product School as a Guest Speaker.
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