2018 in review: essential reading for designers, PMs and team leads

2018 was truly a remarkable year for RealtimeBoard. We reimagined the present and the future of collaborative work as well as the tools that teams use for it, and we were lucky to receive immediate support from the companies and product experts around us.

We visited big and small organizations across Europe, the U.S. and Asia and saw how the nature of work is changing and how all these companies are embracing the remote way of working. By hiring brilliant talent from different parts of the world, these organizations became even stronger, because this diversity gave them insights about how best to create the next big thing.

We were also lucky enough to talk to thought leaders in the fields of product development, experience design and Agile management and witness how their passion and curiosity are changing the industry. We did our best to learn from them and pass their knowledge along to our readers.

Overall, 2018 was so important because it was about the joy of understanding, the joy of creating tools that help people share their ideas freely and the joy of meeting amazing teams and passionate leaders while building these tools. For that, we are very grateful to our customers and readers.

Happy Holidays!


Product development

Hiten Shah on how to avoid common pitfalls of product development

Co-founder of several successful SaaS brands (FYI, KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and others) and author of the popular book 5 Habits to Building Better Products Faster shares his advice.

How Automattic is sustaining the perception of presence in its distributed team

We interviewed Davide Casali, Product Design Director at Automattic, a company that famously advocates for remote work, so all its employees can choose whether they want to work from home or show up in the office.

Scaling products in distributed teams: learnings from Upwork, Eventbrite and Pivotal

Insights from the panel discussion at our first-ever «Reshaping teamwork» meetup in San Francisco.


Experience design

Summer Kim on the best ways to approach user research

The first Head of Research at WhatsApp told us about establishing a sustainable user research process, delivering memorable user stories to product developers, measuring success, and hiring star researchers.

Four methods to align UX strategy with your business goals

We asked Csaba Hazi, a UX expert, co-founder of Webabstract and author of Seven Step UX: The Cookbook for Creating Great Products, to share his approach to working with business leaders.

Developing an experience map for AI startups to define their product vision

A guest post by Nick Komarov, a designer and UX researcher based in Shanghai. He told us how investigating peoples’ experiences can define a product’s vision.


Agile management

“Lean UX” author Jeff Gothelf on how to deal with challenges of Agile transformation

We talked to Jeff Gothelf, a consultant, UX designer and best-selling author, about the main challenges big companies face on their road to digital transformation.

The big move: Becoming the only remote member of a collocated team

Experience designer tells a story of transition from a collocated Agile team to working remotely.

How to organize Program Increment Planning in a distributed team

A use case about PI planning is based on the experience of Bonial, a Berlin-based company revolutionizing the way the world shops.

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Customer stories

Adapting to Agile: How Skyscanner tracks progress, runs retros, and maps complex processes

A story about a travel fare aggregator that’s succeeding at implementing Agile processes to be ahead of industry changes.

Transformation through design thinking: inside BCG Digital Ventures, Europe’s leading startup builder

For DV’s corporate partners, it’s often more effective to introduce a new venture as an addition to a big company, rather than transforming the whole legacy organization.

Making sense of big data: How OneEvent helps organizations keep their facilities safe and efficient

“RealtimeBoard is an amazing tool that allows us not only to show a concept from a high level, but also continue to dive into various aspects of it.”


Product updates

Meet the new RealtimeBoard — the ultimate platform that’s customizable for any collaboration activity

As a team of dreamers, we aspire to help you become a dream team. We study experiences, test hypotheses and build solutions that have already helped 1.5 million people collaborate.

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Mind Maps by RealtimeBoard — a simple yet smart new tool

Thanks to our growing expertise in visual collaboration, we were able to make truly ‘smart’ boards that help you create mind maps faster.

The product story behind the new RealtimeBoard

The RealtimeBoard’s head of product shares the story behind the new customizable version of our platform and our learnings.

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